International Tarm Import

Natural casings throughout more than 65 years!

“Quality creates confidence” has been our motto since 1953. For 3 generations, International Tarm Import has strived to deliver the best obtainable quality of Natural Casings for the sausage making industry.

Ability to deliver – in an increasingly changeable marked – has become the key word and we therefore are proud to store a considerable assortment of natural casings, in quantities that allow fast delivery even at the greatest inquiries.

Our customers need a trustable supplier – and in our house   “a deal is a deal”. We supply agreed quantities in due time, no matter the turbulence of the marked.

The proud craft of making sausages is thousands of years old and has been nursed throughout generations. With the right raw material and explicit skills, the sausage is a true delicatessen product.

“Punctual delivery goes without saying and combined with the markets best delivery safety, our customers are granted highest possible flexibility – in production as well as in purchase”
Jasper Lassen